The date of manufacturing for domestically produced goods and date of landing of consignments in India for goods manufactured overseas would apply for consideration against deadlines notified.

The products manufactured / imported before the due date of coming into effect of Order are not covered under the ambit of the Order

The goods landing at Indian ports on or after the due date must comply with the requirements of Order.

The manufacturer is eligible to apply and get unique registration numberwhich is linked to manufacturer, location of factory, product and brand.

The BIS Rules require a valid test report (not older than 90 days) from any BIS recognised test laboratory to be submitted while applying for Compulsory Registration. The test reports issued by BIS Recognised Labs as per the notified Indian Standards are only accepted for Registration.

As per BIS Rules, the test report shall not be older than ninety days as on the date of submission of application online as well as physical application for registration. .

The Standard Mark shall be placed on the product & the packaging both however, if it is not feasible to place the same on the product for size constraints, it can be put on the packaging only. For the products with display screen, provisions of e-labelling of products also exist..

Label should display the Standard Mark as notified vide Gazette No. 2559 dated 01st December 2015.

Different brands are required to be registered separately. However, it is feasible to do so based on a common test report, if the product and the manufacturing location are the same.

All brands with respective model numbers should be listed in the test report.Test samples of all brands are not required to be submitted. However, productlabels for respective brands must be placed in the test report. Lab may alsoinclude statement about coverage of this brand and respective model numbers to be covered based on the representative model tested and the declaration submitted by the manufacturer about multiple brands and respective model numbers.

Please refer to for “Process for Registration� under Registration Scheme available at BIS website.