How to generate Test Request and select available Laboratory

  • Login using existing credentials
  • Enter Sample details.
  • Select any approved Laboratory from the list..
  • Await for confirmation from the selected Laboratory...Read More »

Steps involved in Registration

  • Login credentials
  • Generate Test Request
  • Generate Test Request
  • Apply on portal on receipt of confirmation (Release of Test Report online)

How to obtain login credentials

  • Go to
  • Upload Business License in English (Copy of certified translation is required, if the document is in foreign languages), establishing the name and address of the factory and indicating manufacturing activity in its scope.
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How to submit the Sample

  • Display/Paste the QR code on the sample/ packet to lab for easy scanning along & submit along with a copy of test request.
  • Send Sample and Test Request within 60 days of generation of Test Request to the Laboratory..........Read More »

How to apply for licence online

  • Login using existing credentials.
  • Submit Test Request Reference in alphanumeric form (this will upload the Test Report).
  • Submit Undertaking regarding declaration of conformity........Read More »

Registered Manufacturesrs

List of Registered Manufactures under compulsory registration. The list provides you up to date information on registration..Read More »